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When Larry moved to Cajun Country from New Orleans, he planned to stay nine months. That turned into 30 years. “Houma wrapped its arms around me very tight,” he explained. “I just couldn’t shake it. Then, I didn’t want to. People in the Tri-Parish area aren’t afraid to be seen having a good time. I like that.”

When Larry isn’t on the radio, he and his wife are raising their 5 year old granddaughter. “Now, that is a life changing experience. We’ve had her since day one. Not having children of my own I thought I was done with that part of life and each phase of hers has been an adventure. She calls me Daddy. And, believe me, I’ve learned there is nothing quite like a little girl looking up and asking, ‘Daddy, can I fall asleep in your arms again tonight?’

Through the years Larry has performed in many plays and musicals, was the creative director for The Navi-Gator Entertainment Magazine, written two one act comedies, Pie and Beauregawd, written essays, and authored a book, How to Reach the American Dream…(and not get it.)

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“I’ve always felt that as a DJ, my job was to enhance the music. I also want you to laugh and smile while getting to where you have to be. I want to brighten up your day, get you in a good mood. You’ll have enough to think about, when you get to where you’re going.”